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Tecnologías de Conducción y Control TCL S.A., previously, Tornillos y Complementos Ltda. TCL, was established on November 20,1986 as a company dedicated to selling and distributing  national hardware. However, its continued growth in infrastructure and product lines resulted in TCL becoming a distributing and importing organization, “Tornillos y Complementos Ltda. Importadores para Colombia”.


In 2000, the Company ventured into products for residential Natural Gas and Drinking Water utilities. These lines resulted in further growth for the Company, while always keeping product quality and service a priority.  


In 2003, a new stage begins for the organization wherein it transitions from marketing different brands to having its own TCL brand. This brand is being promoted in all the products that we market, not only at a national level, but aimed at venturing into international markets in Central America, South America and the islands of the Caribbean. The TCL brand is recognized by the leading companies in the drinking water and natural gas sectors.

Tecnologías de conducción y control TCL S.A. is today certified to ISO 9001: 2008 in “Commercialization and sale of control and metering in piping systems for the hydrocarbon and drinking water sectors. Sale of  viscoelastic coatings for corrosion protection. Sale of piping for natural gas installation".

TCL boasts a highly dynamic, trained team that specialized in: Sales, Logistics, Engineering, Quality and Finance, willing to provide timely advising and assistance to all its customers.

Its wide range of products, its continued innovation and long experience in the market, have allowed TCL to be present in the different sectors, providing trust, competitiveness and security to its customers.  

With over 25 years in the market, TCL is consolidated today as the leading company in piping and control technologies, providing its customers and allies a world of technological solutions that are leading the companies into the future.


Corporate Management Policy


We are an organization that commercializes control, metering, conduction and infrastructure protection products for  the hydrocarbon, drinking water, electric power and industry sectors. We are committed to satisfying our customers, our  people and the community, by duly complying with all the legal, regulatory and TCL requirements associated to the product, the environment and the safety and occupational health risks inherent to our processes. We dedicate our resources and best efforts to preventing injuries, diseases and the consumption of alcohol and drugs, and to the continuous improvement of our management system, thus ensuring profitability for our shareholders.
















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